Strategic Fleet Management Tips For Sourcing The Best Option

Fleet management is so convenient that it is estimated that it will increase significantly in 2008, especially with the expected rise in fuel costs and the need to curb those fuel costs as much as possible. With careful management and attention to detail, fleet insurance can reduce costs and enhance the safety of employees and still benefit the fleet operator with as much coverage as is required. When you look at charts that show the cost of vehicle repair without an insurance coverage versus repair with insurance coverage, you will see that there is a significant difference. High net worth clients also need to consider higher liability coverage than is typically provided and be protected internationally. Indeed, fleet controllers are becoming an integral part of any business in their attempts to ensure and maintain high standards of service when administering and managing a multinational fleet of vehicles. We're committed to listening to our customers and making sure our financing options are effective and easy to use.

How fleet insurance worksOur dedicated service advisors are there when you need them to answer any questions that may arise. As part of the Mercedes-Benz Group, we share a commitment to excellence and a passion for superb customer service. As fleet insurance brokers we have access to many exclusive insurance deals and some of the most competitive premiums with leading insurers. The yearly insurance could be paid as an onetime settlement, once in a year. When you possess more than one vehicle, as a business owner or only for private use, you need to pay insurance for them two. For example, if your vehicle is stolen and damages a vehicle of a third-party, then your business is protected from loss sustained by the third-party. Having been established since 2004 and managing over 5,000 vehicles it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about all things fleet management and help keep you and your business on the move at minimal cost. It is an axiom of sound financial management that the purchase of vehicles late in their lifecycle be avoided, because of the low resale value of discontinued models.

The TransAuto Academy is a division of the TransAuto Group and specialises in fleet management and automotive dealer training. To review and assess the adequacy of the management control framework for the fleet management function including processes relating to the planning, organizing, controlling, directing, communicating, and the management of vehicle assets. To that end, we have a very thorough processand take the time to carefully assess your fleet needs, including an analysis of leasing versus ownership, and fleet size assessments. Over the past 75 years at Hagey Coach and Tours, we have traveled across North America from big cities to rural country roads. Other developments include “intelligent” cruise control and steering that automatically react to vehicles in front, alongside and behind; automated “follow the leader” driving mode; and emergency braking along main town and city roads. Fleet insurance is a cost effective way of insuring a number of vehicles under one policy. The main factors are the number of vehicles there are to insure and what kind of vehicles they are. Our specialties are truckers primary liability, motor truck cargo and bobtail insurance, physical damage and trailer exchange through our brokerage firm.

Physical Damage Comprehensive OR Deductible Total Insured Values: Specified Perils Deductible Collision Deductible Extended Towing Limit 5,000 included Enter amount if higher limit requested. There are 50 vehicle repair bays in 115,900 square feet of floor space that include a heavy vehicle and equipment shop, light vehicle shop, parts warehouse, fleet Administration offices and 24 hour fueling facilities. If you are a family with a ‘young driver’, we can tailor the policy so that they are only able to drive 1 vehicle under the policy, again this will save you money. Whether your diesel van needs an oil change or your commercial truck requires a tune-up, our team will get it back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. In the event that you get a vehicle covered improperly, it might even result in case rebuttal at whatever point connected for. The minimum can be as low as two vehicles, while the maximum can run into hundreds or even thousands of automobiles.